About us

The idea was founded in 2016 by Frank van de Staak, who was employed as R&D engineer in the automotive branch at that time. “It struck me that the automotive industry was making a huge move towards electric vehicles and that the horticulture and agriculture sectors were lagging behind.

I saw opportunities in the branch that I had been passionate about since childhood. With my expertise and the available technology of back then, I felt like I had to do something. Inspired and with a healthy attraction for green sustainable technology, AllTrec tool carriers and mowing decks was born.

After much research, development and many hours of wrenching and adjusting, the first prototype was ready to be tested mid-2018. This is also the time I started collaborating with an established name in the business. Bert van Loon, owner of ‘van Loon Groentechniek’ and ‘Weedcontrol B.V.’ believed in my idea and we joined forces. This was the official kick-off of FPS-Electric BV, the manufacturer of AllTrec fully electric tool carriers and mowing decks.”

Early 2019, the first machines were sold and in a year’s time, more than 20 AllTrec tool carriers were driving around all throughout the Netherlands. Some for weed control and some for mowing. We are now ready to introduce AllTrec to the rest of Europe and who knows where else.

Our drivers and Core values

We live in a time where enormous changes are happening in how we perceive our energy consumption. The electric car is rapidly making its mark, solar panels are becoming the standard and people want to be associated less and less with polluting energy. The markets that are lagging behind are the horticulture and agriculture branches. The industry that deals with greenery the most, is not yet very green itself. With AllTrec, we try to change this.

By working purposefully, using modern techniques, an innovative way of thinking and a careful way of working, we want to offer professionals a reliable AllTrec solution that is sustainable, comfortable and, of course, profitable. We achieve this with a healthy dose of passion for the machine and technology!”

Founder – Frank van de Staak


Our mission is to enable professionals in green open space maintenance to work with zero CO2 emissions, without compromising on productivity, performance and quality, and yet with increased usability.


To make working without CO2 emissions the new standard for professional users in green open space maintenance.

Gerard Peters
Foreman, VD Bijl & Heierman - Location: Nijmegen Radboud UMC, the Netherlands

When we first heard that we would be working with an electric tool carrier, we were pretty sceptical. After all, it is new technology and we were unsure what to expect. After working with it for almost two full seasons, I can honestly say that I am pleasantly surprised! The machines are versatile, silent and have sufficient capacity to use the entire day. A nice additional benefit is that since we started working with electric machines, bystanders greet us a lot more often.

The solution for zero-emission green maintenance