Lots of interest for AllTrec during Demopark Germany

The extensive stand of AllTrec with the 4810T and 8015F with the various attachments.

Innovation is why we are currently the only manufacturer that can deliver a full power tool carrier that:

  • Mowing, brushing, snow ploughing, blowing leaves for at least 8 hours on a single battery charge.
    There is plenty of IoT data and use cases to back up this claim.

In addition to showing the innovative AllTrec range, visitors had the chance to try them out. This is a winning formula!

We have been able to show many dealers and distributors from many different countries and municipalities all over Germany what the result can be when designing a battery powered tool carrier from scratch.
We have been complimented by competitors, suppliers, dealers and end-users on what a world-class product our machines have become.

A powerful tool on the AllTrec 8015F is IoT. This enables us to view the machine remotely, when this is necessary in the event of a malfunction, for example. We can make remote diagnoses and therefore quickly and accurately help the customer get back on track. This is a unique feature that we are proud of.

With full energy and inspiration we go home again to develop, build, sell and enable emission-free working with AllTrec as the new standard!
Innovation never stops and neither do we!