Electric front mower with 270 cm working width!

Commercial Front Mower from AllTrec now available with 2.7 meters (106″) of working width

Specially developed for the new AllTrec 8015F. The 2.7 meter (106”) wide deck consists of a total of seven blades, with each blade having its own mowing motor. The result is extremely powerful and highly efficient.

Both sides of the deck can be lifted independently by operating DA cylinders via joystick or fingertips.

With the 67 kWh battery, the endurance of this machine is enormous. It will not be easy to empty the battery in a normal work shift!

This new powerhouse is an addition to AllTrec’s current cutting deck range that allows working widths of 130 cm (51”), 165 cm (65”), 195 cm (77”) and now also a 270 cm (106”).

AllTrec uses the “bolt-on” and modular principle on all cutting decks. With modular we mean that, whenever possible, components are used that are the same on all cutting decks. Think of rollers, strips, slides, motors, blades, wheels, etc. By giving preference to bolt-on, it is straight forward to replace worn or damaged parts. An easily adjustable service position, in which the deck as a whole tilts backwards, also aids in making this deck maintenance friendly.

Production of these Mowing Decks is in full swing and you will be able to see the AllTrec 8015F with this Mowing Decks in action at various locations in Europe.