Energy-saving Electric Powered Assisted Steering (EPAS)

Our first model, the 4810T, used a steer by wire system. With the 8015F, a mechanical connection has been chosen in combination with electrically assisted power steering. This system is called Electric Powered Assisted Steering (EPAS) and is used in almost all modern cars.

Having an EPAS system has several advantages. First of all, and crucial for our application as an electric vehicle, it is extremely efficient. Unlike a hydraulic pump that would otherwise continuously pump energy from the battery. In addition, with a hydraulic motor, the zooming sound would also be very present since the rest of the machine is silent. The EPAS system is fully programmable. This gives us the freedom to create a stable and relaxed driving behavior at higher speeds (max. 25 km/h) and to allow the vehicle to steer sharply and directly at low speeds. Finally, and in keeping with the rest of the machine, the entire steering system is maintenance-free.