Entering the German market with Dabekausen

In 2019, we started serial production of the 4810T electric tool carrier. For distribution in the Netherlands, a partnership was started with Weed Control. In 2020 Campey Turf Care and Hillaire van der Haeghe came into the picture for distribution in Great Britain and Belgium. Now more than a year later, together with Dabekausen, the step is taken to Germany in a further expansion of the distribution network.

We do what we do best: research, development and production. We then ensure that everything that has to do with our products is right down to the last detail. Think of technical documentation, workshop procedures, interactive parts manuals and a system where our dealers and distributors can find all information. To market the product, we choose to work with partners who have a valuable network.

Dabekausen is such a partner. They have been active in Germany since the 1970s and since 2004 in the current line-up with brands such as McConnel and Agrimaster. Several municipalities in Germany have already been visited and the feedback is very positive. We expect to have the first AllTrecs on transport to Germany in the not too distant future and look forward to a great cooperation.