The 100th AllTrec has left our factory in Rijen

FPS-Electric B.V., the proud producer of AllTrec, is celebrating a milestone: the 100th AllTrec has left our factory in Rijen!

Looking back to the beginning in 2018 when FPS-Electric B.V. was registered at the Chamber of Commerce, we can proudly say that, together with co-owner Bert van Loon and his company WeedControl, our esteemed importer for the Dutch market, we have embarked on an incredible journey. In early 2019, our very first AllTrec machine was delivered to WeedControl in Waalwijk, marking the start of an exciting journey.

Nearly five years later, it is an honor to mention that the 100th machine has also been delivered to Waalwijk, this time to the municipality of Waalwijk, almost symbolically where it all began. WeedControl deserves special recognition for their crucial role in driving the growing success of FPS-Electric. Thanks to their tremendous dedication, more and more contractors and municipalities are gaining confidence in AllTrec and daring to make the transition to electric work. We’ve noticed that the Netherlands is a pioneer in this field, making WeedControl our largest customer.

But let’s not forget that this success is part of a global transition toward a cleaner future. We see growing acceptance in Scandinavia and the beginning of a rise in Germany. Furthermore, we are in discussions with various new partners from all over Europe and even beyond. It is not unthinkable that we may celebrate another milestone in 2024: the delivery of our 200th machine.

Our vision is to make emission-free work the new norm for professionals in the green sector, and the entire team at FPS-Electric is steadfast in achieving this vision. Innovation is at the core of our company values, and we are delighted to announce that there are exciting advancements on the development front.

We want to express our deep appreciation to WeedControl, all our valued importers, and above all, to our end-customers who have had the confidence and courage to make the transition to emission-free work. Together, we are building a cleaner and more sustainable future, and we look forward to continuing this journey with all of you by our side.

Frank van de Staak – Founder & CEO – FPS-Electric B.V.