Powerful, silent and a great mowing result

AllTrec tool carriers are designed from scratch in combination with the AllTrec mowing deck. An exceptionally strong combination that every professional can benefit from.

Partly due to this parallel development, the results of this combination are very positive.

AllTrec as a front mower is:

  • Incredibly agile
  • Powerful
  • Quiet
  • Compact
  • Very efficient
AllTrec 4810T

Agile, Compact & Efficient

  • Suitable for small corners and extensive fields
  • In the city & municipality, parks, campsites & cemeteries
  • Different tools available
  • Cutting width 130 cm/165 cm/195 cm
See AllTrec 4810T
AllTrec 8015F

Robust, Efficient and Innovative

  • Suitable for intensive use in all seasons
  • In city & municipality and parks & campsites
  • Different implements available
  • Cutting width 165 cm/195 cm/270 cm
See AllTrec 8015F

AllTrec Mowing decks

The AllTrec mowing decks are designed from scratch as an electric machine for the professional user. Our mowing decks are characterised by their robust build, powerful electric drive and high efficiency. A combination of factors guarantee that you can keep mowing all day without having to charge.


Features AllTrec Mowing decks

  1. A robust, welded mowing deck made from top-quality steel
  2. Reinforced rim for extra protection where necessary.
  3. Each blade has its own electric motor with reinforced flange. Powerful, robust and efficient!
  4. The motors are controlled by a well-protected control unit
  5. Highest rated quality cabling for reliable control.
  6. Beltless design contributes to low-maintenance construction.
  7. Easily attachable mulching kit (option of 130, 165, 195 and 270 cm)

AllTrec Mowing decks


  • 130 cm (51″) electric rotary mowing deck
  • 3 blades / 3 motors
  • With optional mulchkit


  • 165 cm (65″) electric rotary mowing deck
  • 4 blades / 4 motors
  • With optional mulchkit


  • 195 cm (77″) electric rotary mowing deck
  • 5 blades / 5 motors
  • With optional mulchkit


  • 270 cm (106″) electric rotary mowing deck
  • 7 blades / 7 motors
  • LHS & RHS deck independently foldable
  • With optional mulchkit