AllTrec 8015F

Powerful, comfortable and suitable for all weather conditions

At the end of 2018, we launched the 4810T. A three-wheeled electric tool carrier that can be used for professional use all year round with various attachments for lawn mowing, leaf blowing, weed control and more. 100% Electric and with an impressive range. As one of the first electric tool carriers in the industry, this machine allowed for a full working day without having to recharge in the meantime.

Where the 4810T is compact and manoeuvrable, there’s no cabin option and stability and traction is not where it stands out. This is where the 8015F steps in. Bigger, stronger, with optional cab, four-wheel drive and much more. A machine that is ready for the future.

Watch the video below for a first impression of the AllTrec 8015F.

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