WeedControl B.V. collaborates with FPS to introduce ‘The quiet allrounder’

Waalwijk – On 6 December 2018 WeedControl, the specialist in conscious weed management, introduces  a completely new electric machine carrier called the ‘Alltrec’. The unveiling of this unique and extremely durable solution will take place in Theater De Leesen in Waalwijk for a select group of invited guests. A first on the Dutch market and the very first in our industry!

The quality of our environment is important, the elimination of emissions and sound production is an essential part of this. This was therefore the basis for the development of the Alltrec. To respond to this, WeedControl has developed her flagship the ‘ Air Variator ‘ (a weed fighter using hot air) in an electric version, the ‘ E-Variator ‘.

The ALLTREC is designed so that it can be combined with this E-Variator, but  For example, you can also think of a sweeping unit, brush or deck. This is precisely why the ALLTREC with its capacities and flexible deployment possibilities is the solution for an emission-free urban core. With the ‘ Green Deal Zero Emission City Logistics ‘ in the prospect you are prepared with the AllTrec for the foreseeable future.

The AllTrec is extremely manoeuvrable with an “Easy does it” user-friendliness. No hydraulic systems are used-on the lifting device. This results in a highly efficient electric machine, resulting in no CO2 emissions, a long range of action, quiet and low consumption and maintenance costs. The AllTrec is not only an attractive and versatile vehicle, but also contributes to a cleaner world. An important development for the image of every company or municipality.

The founder and developer of the tool carrier is ing. Frank van de Staak, who has gone through a thought-out concept. Frank has come into contact with Bert van Loon and with a link of knowledge, strength and both a strong vision of the future, a collaboration was established. This has ultimately led to the creation of
‘ FPS-Electric B.V. ‘ and the birth of the AllTrec with the corresponding E-Variator.