For professionals

High quality that lasts a full shift

AllTrec machines have been developed as real workhorses. High-end quality, extremely efficient and by using the latest LiFePO4 battery technology, it is possible to use the machine all day on a single charge.

Low running costs 

No more gas stops and apart from some lubrication, it needs almost no maintenance.

You pay for quality, and an AllTrec is not the cheapest machine on the market. Yet, in the long term, when the machine is used intensively, your return on investment will be worthwhile.

How did we calculate this?

The costs are based on a 1,000 hours of work per year in a comparison between an AllTrec 8015F and a machine driven by a Stage V Diesel combustion engine with an average fuel consumption of 5 litres per hour. The prices are based on local energy costs.

The costs that have been included in the calculation:

  • purchase costs of the machine
  • energy consumption (diesel or electricity)
  • maintenance and service costs
AllTrec 4810T in company colours of a customer who uses the machine all year round with various attachments. Here in action with a leaf blower. The gas tank installation is part of the thermal weed control system.