New opportunities

Work emission free and secure that new assignment!

Anticipate on the current trend of governments to continue the transition towards a climate-neutral society that is in line with the Paris Agreement.

With the 100% electric AllTrec, you will work emission free and this suits the current trend perfectly. Working with zero CO2 emissions is encouraged by various governments. Make sure you are part of the early adaptors and secure those new assignments.

In addition to the benefits of zero emissions, the second obvious benefit of working with electric equipment is that it is very quiet.

This way, you make sure that the noise nuisance around schools, hospitals, carehouses and so on can be reduced to a minimum. The only thing you will hear is the sound of the tools.

AllTrec 4810T with leaf blower in action at Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The specification stated that maintenance needed to be done with electric equipment. Working quietly and emission-free around a university makes sense.